We have designed face masks that are comfortable and provide additional protection using HEPA filters that can be replaced using our pouch design to block out most pollutants and germs. You do not have to use HEPA filters and can look for what is available as replacements if they fit the pouch measurement. Masks are all washable and come with two different coloured sides so you don’t wear the mask the wrong way around by mistake. Some FRONT sides are plain / or patterned so please check options carefully as sometimes inside or outside patterns are displayed as the main product image.

Please be fully aware that these masks, or any masks, are NOT 100% protection against Covid-19, and are mainly used to help you not spread the disease if you have it and don’t know if you do. They will provide some protection from ingesting saliva from public coughing or sneezing around you. They are also a reminder to not touch your face until you get home and wash your hands!

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