We have designed face coverings for maximum comfort by including adjustable ear loops so if you have to wear a face-covering for extended periods of time it’s more practical. Other face coverings with just elastics can be very uncomfortable if they don’t fit perfectly. You can add additional protection using filters if you wish with our discreet pouch design. Our coverings come with a HEPA filter included, but you can look for what is available as replacements later on if they fit the pouch measurement. Most filters can be cut to size. Masks are all washable, lay flat to dry, do not iron the elastics, and come with two different coloured sides so you don’t wear the mask the wrong way around by mistake. Some FRONT sides are plain / or patterned so please check options carefully as sometimes inside or outside patterns are displayed as the main product image.

Face coverings are not 100% protection against Covid-19, and are mainly used to help you not spread the disease if you have it and don’t know if you do. They will provide some protection from ingesting saliva from public coughing or sneezing around you. They are also a reminder to not touch your face until you get to wash your hands.

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